On Saturday 21st November the Beavers held a District Children In Need activity day at 3rd Upton. This was attended by 56 Beavers from across 6 colonies. The day was full of 6 different activities that the Beavers took part in:

  • designing and making their own non-alcoholic cocktails / decorating biscuits and cakes with lots of yummy sweets (thank you to the 3rd Upton parent who made over 60 cakes to be decorated)
  • designing a new superhero, drawing it and talking about the powers they would have
  • Lego station where they could build something without instructions and using their imagination
  • Pudsey worksheets where they had the chance to do some colouring, dot-2-dots and dressing Pudsey up
  • mosaic Pudsey where each group filled a drawing of Pudsey up by sticking lots of different plastic bottle lists and cotton wool to it
  • each Beaver (& leader) had the opportunity to have their picture taken with Pudsey in a photo booth and these will be printed and given out for everyone to keep.

Before the activity day the Beavers were given a task to see how many items they could fit into a matchbox, all had to be different items. One very clever Beavers managed to fit 45 items into their matchbox. At the end of the day the Beavers played a couple of games before collecting all their stuff and heading home.

I would like to say a big Thank You to all the leaders involved from 1st Britwell, 2nd Cippenham, Colnbrook, 1st Langley (Wednesday & Friday) and 3rd Upton for their help and support on Saturday. It was a busy day but all the Beavers had fun and went home happy J. We also raised around £70 for Children In Need which is fantastic.

Also here is a link to our article in Slough Observer: http://www.sloughobserver.co.uk/news/14097611.Young_superheroes_flying_high_after_fundraising_exploits/

Joe Halls – District Beaver Scout Leader