This scheme covers training to run all adventurous activities, archery, shooting, swimming and DofE Award expedition assessor and supervisor
training, together with first aid for adventurous activities.

In addition, consideration will be made to those needing Training for Minibuses and trailer use.

As well as being available for leaders, sectional assistants and instructors, it is also open to all Explorers, whether or not Young Leaders, as well as Scout Network members and other adult volunteers in Slough Scouting such as the Active Support Unit
members. Applications are considered on receipt and we aim to give a decision within three

What will this scheme help pay for?

You can usually expect to receive up to a third of the cost of the cheapest reasonably easily available training and assessment course (or series of courses) leading to a permit or qualification to run an activity for our young people. There is a commitment on gaining the permit, or other required qualifications, to run the relevant activities for young people in Scouting.
If you are gaining your permit by obtaining an equivalent National Governing Body (NGB) qualification, we will contribute half of any certificate or mandatory registration fees.
If you need to stay overnight because a course cannot be provided locally, we will also contribute up to a third of the cost of basic overnight accommodation (eg: campsite or Youth Hostel Association overnight fees).

What is not covered by the scheme?

1. Courses that you have already attended before you make an application. 
2. Training covered by The Scout Association’s adult leader training program, including Nights Away and First Response courses. Berkshire Scouts already
provides these free of charge.
3. Training in the basic skills for an activity, such as BCU 1 & 2 star awards in paddlesports, or training for your personal hobbies. You must commit to
gaining a permit or other required qualification and to running the activities you are trained in for young people in Scouting.
4. Cancellation fees, lost deposits, etc, if you fail to attend or complete a course.
5. Training not required to gain:
a)  a permit (whether at the basic or a higher level); or
b)  a recognised equivalent qualification leading to a permit; or
c)  a qualification which The Scout Association requires you to hold to run an adventurous activity such as shooting.
6. Practice sessions to help build up experience.
7. Maintenance of any NGB registration or the cost of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training.
8. Travel costs.

How do I apply?

Request a Form from the Grants Team by emailing [email protected] The form will have the return options on it for when completed. You should list all the courses that need completing or the required qualification to gain your permit, but you only need to specify provisional dates and venues for your first course at this stage. You will be asked to provide more detailed information once you have attended each course.
Please note that you must provide information about your relevant experience, how you plan to make good use of your qualification in Scouting and sign the form.
If you have not applied directly to the County for Grant support then this will be done for you by the Activity Team, this will open up a grant capability of possibly 50% being supported.
We have the ability to create a block application from Groups and for volunteers all seeking permits, etc, for the same activity. Request the form from
[email protected] and return when completed

When will I receive my grant?

You will receive payment for each approved course you complete once you have provided evidence of payment and successful completion. A payment request form can be supplied from the District Activity Team.

County run courses

You do not need to apply for a grant in advance for county training and assessment courses for adventurous activities or our two day first aid course for adventurous activities. Instead, if you come on one of these for training or assessment, you will only be charged half the full fee providing you already have or commit to gaining a permit, or other required qualification, and to run these activities for young people in Scouting.