Slough District Beavers had a great Sleepover at 1st Datchet Scout Headquarters

We arrives on Saturday morning and headed straight off by coach to “Odds Farm”

The Beavers went on all the adventure playgrounds, they fed pigs, sheep, goats, watched sheep racing and enjoyed the indoor play area

We then returned to 1st Datchet for a sausage and chip supper followed by ice cream

The Beavers then played games in the dark with their torches, enjoyed a camp fire and then it was time for supper and bed!

On Sunday morning we packed up our sleeping gear, had breakfast and played team games outside

Then it was time to close the sleepover and go home to Mum and Dad very tired but extremely happy!

Many thanks to all Leaders, Young Leaders and Parents who supported this event

We all had a fabulous time and the weather was great!