Slough Explorer Scouts were thrown in the deep end last week when 16 young people from Resolution Unit experienced a unique scuba diving evening.

The young people used the swimming pool at Reading Blue Coat School in Sonning for an introduction in scuba diving, led by DiveStyle. Each Explorer Scout was given an in-depth health and safety briefing and a lesson in using the equipment.

It was then into the pool for a trial dive with an instructor, who helped the young people learn safety techniques and get to grips with the bulky equipment.

Explorer Scout Eric Moor gives his view of the activity: “With a lovely big swimming pool ahead we were itching to get the equipment on and rush in. However, as most things start, we began with a little health and safety introduction, including how the equipment worked and how to use it. If I were going to trust this equipment for my time at DiveStyle I thought it important to listen and so we did. I found the quick talk short, simple yet incredibly informative and interesting so top marks to the instructors!

“We then got kitted up and in the pool in no time, as someone who has never scuba dived before I was incredibly nervous and I don’t think I was alone. It took me a while to get used to such an unnatural circumstance but after a while my nerves vanished and I felt at peace. I feel like a major part of this was due to the comfortable atmosphere we had with the DiveStyle instructors as they were always there for support under and above the surface.

“As the RESU Leaders joked about it being ‘The quietest the Unit has ever been’, I found the whole experience incredibly relaxing but loads of fun as we tried out different safety techniques such as removing our breathing apparatus and finding it again safely, working out how to control the heights we float at and filling our goggles with water and then emptying them whilst underwater.

“Of course, when seeing the instructors present these before asking us to do them I had no idea I would even attempt one, however as a part of the everyday adventure scouting provides, all of the group managed to try at least one of these frightening activities and the instructors seemed really impressed with us, especially Alex who managed to take off his goggles completely, put them on again and then empty them whilst underwater.

At the end of the session I was exhausted but I found it to be an amazing experience so thank you for the leaders for organising this visit and to the instructors at DiveStyle for the safe and supportive guidance and an overall unforgettable experience.”

You can watch a special video of the Scuba activities, created by Eric, at the following link: Slough Explorer Scouts Scuba Evening Video or read the news article published by the Slough Express here