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District Cubs Outdoor Challenge Day

Posted on September 19th, 2018 by Dave Shaw

Slough District Cubs had a great day on Sunday 16th September working towards their “Our Outdoor Challenge Award”
The Cubs from packs across the District took part in in a range of activities including:

  • Firelighting,
  • Campfire cooking,
  • Tent pitching,
  • Shelter building,
  • Camp gadget making,
  • First Aid,
  • Country Code,
  • Camp safety

It was a long and very busy day but we all had a great time and the weather was fab!

Sarah Ainsworth – ADC Cubs

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Inaugural Scouts and Cubs Orienteering Challenge

Posted on July 9th, 2018 by Dave Shaw

After much excitement and anticipation this morning (Sunday 8th July 2018) saw more than a 100 Cubs and Scouts from Slough and neighbouring Districts descend on Black Park to take part in this inaugural Orienteering challenge.

In the scorching heat teams from 7th Newham (East London), 3rd Heathfield (Hounslow), 23rd Wembley, 3rd Wexham, 1st Montem, and 9th Southside (Tooting) raced against the clock to find the prescribed control points. For many it was an opportunity to polish up and put into practice their navigation and compass skills.

At the end of the challenge all the youngsters cooled down and enjoyed a group lunch as the moderators worked out the winning times.

A tremendous day was had by all the youngsters and adults that attended with many making the most of the offerings at Black Park. Hopefully a sign of a new and regular challenge in the years ahead. A big thank you to the helpers that assisted with the set-up, registration and clear up at the end.


Position Group
1st 7th Newham
2nd 7th Newham
3rd 7th Newham
Position Group
1st 3rd Heathfield
2nd 9th Southside
3rd 7th Newham

Muhammed Sharif – ADC Scouts

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District Beaver & Cub My Adventure Challenge Day

Posted on June 3rd, 2018 by Dave Shaw

On a drizzly Saturday morning in March 80 Beavers & Cubs (as well as their Leaders!) travelled to Phasels Wood for a day of different activities to go towards their My Adventure Challenge Award. The Beavers took part in a cresta run, slackline, photo hunt, ridgeline climbing and a low ropes course whilst the Cubs took part in playing skittles, abseiling, aeroball junior, rolling rock / traverse wall and climbing. Both sections did 2 activities in the morning and then 3 in the afternoon after we had come back together at lunchtime for some food and lots of chatter. The weather wasn’t great for the day but at least the snow had held off for us that weekend and we didn’t get too wet either which was a blessing. When leaving the campsite we had an eventful moment when a Beaver was on the wrong coach and then we realised we have been locked in the car park and couldn’t get out until someone came and rescued us. We arrived back at 3rd Upton with lots of tired Leaders but with Beavers & Cubs who still had lots of energy to go around.

Thank you to all the Leaders who attended for helping to make this joint activity day great & exciting for all the Beavers & Cubs who attended. Thank you to Clare & Sarah for helping to organise the day. Look forward to the next one

Joe Halls – ADC Beaver Scouts.

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District Awards Celebration 2018

Posted on April 25th, 2018 by Dave Shaw

Slough District held its Second Annual Awards Celebration on 21st April 2018 to celebrate the Top Awards that our Youth and Adult Members achieved in the past 12 months.

Our members have been working hard and we were able to hand out certificates for 50 Awards across all sections, including Chief Scout’s Awards, Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, Young Leader Belts and Wood Badges.

As part of the celebration, we also saw our District Commissioner, Tim Haggett, being presented with a Silver Acorn in recognition of all his hard work running the District

We would like to Congratulate all of our members on their achievements and look forward to giving out more certificates next year.

We would also like to thank Baylis Court School for hosting us again.

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Slough District Cub 100 Year Promise Party

Posted on December 17th, 2016 by Damien Woodall

Slough District Cubs celebrated a 100 Years of Cub Scouting on Friday 16 th December 2016

by holding an amazing Promise Party.


We started off by playing Musical Bumps, then we split up into three groups and played Pass

the Parcel.


It was then time to join Cub Scouts from all over the world to re-new our Promise at



We then lit our cake and sang “Happy Birthday” and enjoyed lots and lots of party food!!

We then played the Chocolate Game – a great favourite of ours!!


It was then time to collect our certificates and a 100 year balloon and head off home

This was the final event to end a fantastic year of special events / camps to celebrate Cubs



I would like to thank all Cub Leaders, Explorer Young Leaders and members of Slough

District who have supported us throughout the whole year, we have had a blast!

I feel very privilege to lead such an amazing team.


Sarah Ainsworth

ADC Cubs

Slough District

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Slough District Cub 100 Year Sixer and Seconder Camp

Posted on October 5th, 2016 by Damien Woodall

Slough District Sixer and Seconders had a fantastic camp at Dorneywood Camp Site

We started off on Saturday morning tent pitching in the rain

We then had lunch and started our bases to enable each Cub to gain the Outdoor Challenge Award. We were very lucky as the rain stopped for a few hours!

We then collected wood and started to prepare our fires ready to cook our dinner

The Cubs and Leaders did fantastically well as we achieved cooking, sausages, burgers, hash browns, bake beans and spaghetti on open fires in the rain!

Once we had cleared up and washed up we then played quiz games as it was raining too hard to have our wide game outside

It was then time for supper and bed!

After a wet night we got up and prepared our fires ready to cook eggs, bacon, baked beans and spaghetti

After this we went on our hike and returned for lunch

We then took down wet tents, loaded the van, reflected on the camp and went home extremely tired but full of achievement at what we had accomplished in the rain!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all Leaders, Young Leaders and Cubs who took part in the camp. You all did extremely well and should be very proud of yourselves!

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Youth Shaped Scouting

Posted on January 10th, 2016 by SDSAdmin

What is a District Youth Commissioner?
I am the first District Youth Commissioner in Berkshire, and one of very few in the UK. The District Youth Commissioner’s role is to develop and oversee the principles of Youth Shaped Scouting within Slough. As part of this, I will be starting a Youth Forum within the District to allow Young People’s voices to be heard by the District Team and encouraging leaders to develop Youth Shaped Scouting within their Section.

Who are you?
I am Dave Shaw, some of you may know me as an Explorer Scout Leader with Discovery ESU, while others will know me as a Network member. I am 23, and I have been a part of the Scouting Movement since I was 6, so I know what it is like to be both a Young person and a Leader within Scouting.

What is Youth Shaped Scouting?
Youth Shaped Scouting is the idea that Scouting is a Youth Movement and should be shaped by the Young People. Adults should only be here to guide the Young people and ensure that they are kept safe. The Young People should have a say in what they do on a weekly basis, where they go on camps and how major decisions are made.
As one Explorer said: “Scouting is like play-doh, Young People have to shape and mould it”

What about YouShape?
YouShape Week is the National Event during which we want to get everyone talking about Youth Shaped Scouting. YouShape Week is 1st – 7th February, with a major conference taking place from the 5th – 7th. The week will provide the opportunity for every young person from Beavers through to Network to get involved either online or at your meeting place.

What’s the plan?
I will be setting up a District Youth Forum which will aim to involve a Young person from every Section within the District, from Beavers to Network, from 1st Britwell to 3rd Wexham. To kick off this process, I will be paying a visit to all of the Sections during January to talk to the Young People and Leaders about Youth Shaped Scouting and the Youth forum. Follow me on Twitter for the Schedule.

How can I develop Youth Shaped Scouting in my Section?
First things first, ask the young people what they want to do on a Section Evening, whether that is what game to play next, what to cover in a future meeting or having the young people taking a lead role in a game or activity. The key is to listen to the young people and carry out what they want to do.

How can I contact you?
You can email me at or get me on Twitter @Slough_DYC with any questions, opinions or suggestions about Youth Involvement.

District Youth Commissioner – Dave Shaw

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District Cub Christmas Party

Posted on December 13th, 2015 by SDSAdmin

36 Cubs from Slough District had a great time at the Cub District Christmas Party.

We played all the traditional party games plus more, we ate lots of cake! and finished off with are favourite game of bursting the balloon on the chair by sitting on it!

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Slough District Sixer and Seconder Camp

Posted on October 30th, 2015 by Damien Woodall

The camp started off on Saturday morning with all Cubs putting up their tents and setting up their sleeping gear for later on

We the had lunch and sorted out the Cubs into groups ready for our bases

The Cubs did the following bases:-

Woggle Making


Shelter Building

First Aid

Hike Preparation & Country Code

After the bases it was time to collect wood and start lighting fires ready to cook our dinner on. The Cubs and Leaders did extremely well with this especially as most of the wood was damp!

Then it was time to wash up and clear away – moan!

We then had a wide game in the dark and the winning groups let off rockets into the sky lit up with glow sticks

We then had supper and faced a cold night in bed!

Sunday morning started bright and early with more fire lighting and cooking breakfast

After we had cleared up we got ready for our hike through Burnham Beeches

After the hike we returned tired and hungry and luckily lunch was ready for us!

After lunch we packed up our gear, took down the tents and loaded the van

Then it was time to close camp and go home after a great weekend

Cubs who attended the weekend achieved the new “Our Outdoors Challenge Award”, “Hikes Away” and” Nights Away” Badges

Well done to all Cubs and Leaders who attended the Camp. It was hard work but we all had a fantastic time!

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